Health Education

A Healthier Community

The Putnam County Health Department develops primary prevention initiatives (PPI) within the community.  Primary Prevention Initiatives are interventions that are implemented before there is evidence of a disease or injury.  The health department conducts outreach to a variety of places within our community including Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Classes, Chronic Disease Self-Management Classes, Diabetes Self-Management Classes, and Worksite Wellness Programs.  PCHD collaborates with many community partners to increase knowledge of how to become a healthier and more productive community.

Community Garden

The Putnam County Health Department partners with local schools within the community to help sustain and maintain their community garderns.  PCHD engages the community on the importance of eating healthy and consuming your daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetables.  PCHD also engages the public on the importance of beginning, maintaining and incorporating physical activity into their daily routine.

Chronic Disease Self-Management Classes

Chronic Disease Self-Management Program is a Free 6 week workshop offered by the health department.  This workshop will cover physical activity, healthy eating, communication skills, medication usage, working with your health care professionals and much more.  At the end of the workshop, the participates will have gained the necessary knowledge to be able to self manage their chronic condition and work effectively with their health care professionals.

Morning Movement

The Putnam County Health Department hosts Morning Movement in one of the Putnam County elementary schools monthly. This program includes right brain/left brain midline activities that encourage brain development, stretching, and exercises that promote fundamental motor skills that stimulate students brains, build their bodies, and improve their behavior to increase academic performance. We utilize Fab 5 and Brain, Body, Behavior curricula, as well as games that promote social interaction. 

Cooking Classes

PCHD also hosts a FREE one-hour Community Cooking Class. Our Registered Dietician provides education on making healthy, delicious choices in the kitchen. Each class will include a demonstration of at least one recipe and information on how to properly use kitchen utensils and equipment. At the end of the class, there will be samples of the recipe for participants to try. Call to sign up for our next class!

Worksite Wellness

The Putnam County Health Department partners with various work sites and organizations in Putnam County to promote health and wellness.  PCHD develops a tailored worksite wellness program to meet the needs of each individual organization and offers Blood Pressure screenings, weight checks, BMI checks, educational information, trainings and health promotion activities.  PCHD educates participants on increasing physical activity, healthy eating, portion control, and weight management.

For more information, contact Lisa Bumbalough 931-528-2531 Ext. 1048 or Kayla Crowson 931-646-7737. 

Vaping Intervention Program

The Putnam County Health Department, in partnership with Power of Putnam, hosts a Vaping Intervention Program as a method of supportive discipline to students caught vaping on school premises. This program is evidence-based, and curriculum is provided in part by the American Lung Association and Prevention Plus Wellness. This program operates with the goal of educating students and increasing awareness of the dangers of vaping and nicotine use. This program allows students the opportunity to explore healthy alternatives to vaping in a supportive environment. This is a referral only program. If you have a student in Putnam County Schools who need a referral to this program, please contact the schools Assistant Principal.