Who We Are

What We Do

Our mission is to protect, promote and improve the health and well-being of people in Putnam County. The health department identifies and responds to the public health needs that affect this community. The county health department provides a variety of basic health services, both to keep you healthy, and if you are sick, to get well.

Health is everyone’s responsibility. We know that where we live matters to our health. If our community is healthy and has healthy options and opportunities then it is easier for us to be healthier and happier. Our goal is to encourage all persons to eat healthy, stay active and be well. Through community prevention efforts and caring partners, we can make Putnam County a healthier community.


  • Lisa Bumbalough, County Director
    (931) 528-2531 ext. 1048
  • Kayla Crowson, Operations Director
    931-528-2531 ext. 1011
  • Regina Boykin, Office Manager
    931-528-2531 ext. 1122
  • Lorena Villa, Office Manager
    9315282531 ext. 1049
  • Jenny Phillips, Nurse Supervisor
    (931) 528-2531 ext. 1017
  • Kelly Hooks, Nurse Supervisor
    9315282531 ext. 1013
  • Deann Peek, Nurse Supervisor
    (931) 528-2531 ext. 1019
  • Kristen Reeves, Nurse Supervisor
    931-528-2531 ext. 1077
  • Elizabeth Rooks, Health Educator
    (931) 528-2531 ext. 1046
  • Hannah Cross, Health Educator
    931-528-2531 ext. 1087